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“Oppwiser nails it with AI-powered client discovery! Say goodbye to endless searches – this is the tool we needed”

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Discover companies that are most similar to your best clients with AI

Oppwiser's AI Lookalike Company Finder feature helps businesses discover accounts that closely match their best clients. Focus your sales reps on accounts that are most likely to buy and improve sales pipeline velocity.

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Search for the top players in any niche or market with AI

Ditch limiting and clunky industry filters when researching companies. Use free text search to map out players in any industry, market, or niche. Additionally, apply advanced firmographic or keyword filters to pinpoint the companies that matter most.

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Map your Target Addressable Market in seconds

Opportunity Scanner will continuously scan a database of 60M+ companies and score each company based on its similarity to your existing clients or best prospects. Easily uncover net new accounts or identify high-intent lookalike accounts that may be buried in your CRM.

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Spot buying and technographic signals within job offers, company, and employee data

Track any signal, technology, or keyword within job offers, public company data, and employee work experience. Uncover technology stacks, company, and work environment trends that you might be able to address with your offering or by tailoring your outreach.

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Get in touch with the right decision makers

Utilize a database of 150 million work emails and 10 million direct dials to connect with the buyers that matter most. Filter contacts by their work experience, education, location, and other data points.

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Verified contact data

The deliverability of our email data is verified publicly as well as using SMTP check. All emails are marked as either valid or catch-all to identify if they are safe to send emails to.

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Find the next best buyer in seconds

Regular B2B company database

Generic search filters
Low granularity attributes
Hours of manual qualification to build ICP accounts lists

Oppwiser AI Revenue Discovery Platform

Automated lookalike buyers discovery
In-depth buyer signals tracking
Next Best Buyer to outreach recommendations

Our data

Buyer signals
Work emails
Direct dials

Discover ready-to-buy accounts and prospects based on billions of company data signals and attributes.