Even with extensive B2B contact databases, many sales teams fail to uncover all potential opportunities in the market. At Oppwiser, we aim to help sales teams improve their research process.


Utilizing AI algorithms and allowing sales teams to access the most granular and fresh data about the companies can enhance and speed up tedious research tasks.


Speed up the research and prioritize accounts that have the highest likelihood of buying.

Where Oppwiser steps in

We have developed a proprietary technology to collect and process the latest firmographic, technographic, and company online activity data. With this data, you can effectively speed up the research process and find the accounts with the highest likelihood of buying within seconds.

Several ways Oppwiser helps companies boost sales


Build target account lists instantly

Build smart account lists using various technographic, firmographic, and other B2B attributes. Focus on selling and not research. Our global database will augment every step of sales research and qualification.


Find lookalike companies with one click

Uncover new opportunities using AI-powered lookalike search. Identify competitors of your existing clients or find the most similar companies to your top target accounts.


Reach out to actual decision-makers directly

Seek out for ideal prospects based on their title, work experience, location, and other attributes. Get unlimited contact information to start the conversation.


Prioritize companies based on buyer signals

Spend your efforts only on companies who are most likely to buy your services. Extract buyer signals by tracking changes in the management team, employee experience, company hiring trends, and many more.