Unique Feature

AI Opportunity Scanner: Accelerate your pipeline

Help reps to prioritize their efforts on ICP accounts with daily Next Best Buyer recommendations


Get personalized recommendations to outreach the Next Best Buyer

The AI Opportunity Scanner is a powerful tool that provides daily recommendations to help reps identify the Next Best Buyer. It analyzes millions of company signals and online activities to discover ideal accounts, ensuring that reps are focusing the right ones.


Identify opportunities buried in the CRM

A large share of in-market accounts is being left untouched and forgotten in the CRM. Our software helps to identify accounts that may have been forgotten in the CRM, allowing reps to uncover valuable potential customers that you may have otherwise missed. The AI technology enables quick and efficient scanning of your CRM database, providing you with a comprehensive list of potential opportunities.


Identify new in-market accounts

Identify opportunities as soon as they arise in the market. The AI Opportunity Scanner is designed to help you never miss out on potential clients, so you can stay ahead of the competition and grow your business.


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