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Bellroy is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative and functional wallets and accessories. They focus on creating slim, sleek, and minimalist products that are intended to help people carry their essentials in a more organized and efficient way. Bellroy uses high-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure durability and longevity. Their range of products includes wallets, phone cases, bags, travel accessories, and more. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical production, Bellroy strives to make products that are not only practical but also environmentally friendly. They aim to simplify and enhance the everyday carry experience for individuals worldwide. Below is the list of lookalike companies of Bellroy:

Bellroy Logo Bellroy
51-200 employees
Retail Apparel and Fashion
Carryology Logo Carryology
1-10 employees
Online Audio and Video Media
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Saddleback Leather Co. Logo Saddleback Leather Co.
United States
51-200 employees
similarity score
Orbitkey Logo Orbitkey
11-50 employees
Design Services
similarity score
Harber London Logo Harber London
1-10 employees
Retail Apparel and Fashion
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People also ask:

Is Bellroy an American company?
An Australian-based brand from Bells Beach and Fitzroy, which began around a kitchen table in 2010. A diverse crew, based all around the world.
Who is Bellroy owned by?
OK, time for a bit of fanboying! Today's guest is Andy Fallshaw, the founder of Bellroy, a wallet brand I've loved (and been buying) for years now.
Is Bellroy made in China?
We're committed to working with the most talented people we can find around the world, no matter where they're from. Currently, makers in China, India and The Philippines offer the best balance of quality workmanship and value we've been able to source, so this is where all of our products come to life.
What kind of company is Bellroy?
Bellroy was always intended to be a bag brand… but in true Bellroy style, we took a few years to get our bag designs into the world. After bedding down customer insights and design tricks gathered over the years, we felt ready and able to make a difference to the way bags were designed and made.
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