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Bureau Veritas Group is a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification services. With a presence in over 140 countries, the company helps clients ensure compliance with regulations, standards, and laws in various industries. Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of services, including quality assurance, risk management, sustainability solutions, and supply chain auditing. Their expertise covers sectors such as construction, energy, automotive, consumer products, marine, and government services. Through their comprehensive assessments, testing, and audits, Bureau Veritas aims to enhance trust, safety, and sustainability in businesses worldwide. Their services enable clients to meet industry requirements, improve performance, reduce risks, and gain a competitive edge in the market. Below is the list of lookalike companies of Bureau Veritas Group:

Bureau Veritas Group Logo Bureau Veritas Group
10,001+ employees
Environmental Services
Maxxam Analytics Logo Maxxam Analytics
1001-5000 employees
Environmental Services
similarity score
1-10 employees
Environmental Services
similarity score
51-200 employees
Business Consulting and Services
similarity score
Pro QC International Logo Pro QC International
United States
201-500 employees
Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage
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+500 more lookalike companies

People also ask:

What does Bureau Veritas Group do?
Bureau Veritas is a world leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification. Our mission is at the heart of key challenges: quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.
What is the role of the Bureau Veritas?
Our mission/purpose: Shaping a World of Trust by ensuring responsible progress. Thanks to our unrivalled expertise, independence and worldwide presence, we support our clients by managing quality, safety, health and sustainability risks, to the benefit of society as a whole.
What is the revenue of the Bureau Veritas company?
Bureau Veritas is present in 140 countries through a network of over 1,500 offices and laboratories, and 84,000 employees. Bureau Veritas generated €5.65 billion in revenue in 2022. Hinda Gharbi has been CEO of Bureau Veritas since June 2023.
What does the BV logo mean?
This logo shows the soul of our group and the soul of every employee. Bureau Veritas was established "to seek out the truth and tell it without fear or favor." The allegorical figure of Truth, represented by a woman emerging from a well, was chosen as the logo.
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