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Calm is a company that specializes in providing digital tools and resources for mindfulness and meditation. They offer a mobile application that helps individuals relax, reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and increase overall well-being. Through their app, Calm offers a wide range of guided meditation sessions, breathing exercises, sleep stories, and soothing music tracks. Users can choose from various themes like anxiety, stress, focus, or gratitude to cater to their specific needs. Additionally, Calm offers masterclasses taught by renowned experts in the field of mindfulness and mental wellness. Overall, Calm aims to help individuals achieve a state of calmness, mindfulness, and mental clarity in their everyday lives. Below is the list of lookalike companies of Calm:

Calm Logo Calm
United States
201-500 employees
Wellness and Fitness Services
Headspace Logo Headspace
United States
501-1000 employees
Mental Health Care
similarity score
Virgin Pulse Logo Virgin Pulse
United States
1001-5000 employees
Software Development
similarity score
Burnalong Logo Burnalong
United States
11-50 employees
Wellness and Fitness Services
similarity score
Nivati Logo Nivati
United States
51-200 employees
Wellness and Fitness Services
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People also ask:

What is a Calm company?
“Calm companies focus on profitability and sustainability. They succeed by growing slowly and deliberately, calmly adapting to changes in the market without the need for a soul-sucking grind to total market domination.”
Who is Calm owned by?
Calm was founded on May 4, 2012 by Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew. Tamara Levitt became the Head of Mindfulness in November 2014 and is one of the app's primary narrators.
How much is the company Calm worth?
Calm, which now has 4 million paid subscribers and a $2 billion valuation, has also been working with corporate partners to expand access to its Calm Business program, through which 10 million workers now have free access to the app as a mental-health benefit.Mar 30, 2022
How does Calm make money?
To make the most of the app, Calm offers a free trial that lasts for 7 days and after which, the app offers premium plans to choose from. To enjoy all of Calm's full library of meditation programs, sleep stories and more, the app charges the subscription fee that contributes to the part of Calm's revenue stream.Nov 24, 2021
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