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Demandforce is a company that offers marketing and communication solutions for small businesses. They provide a comprehensive platform that helps businesses manage and grow their online presence. Demandforce assists in automating marketing campaigns, reputation management, and customer communication through email, text, and social media. Their services include appointment reminders, online scheduling, customer surveys, and online reviews management. By streamlining these processes, Demandforce enables businesses to attract more customers, build loyalty, and enhance their online reputation. This company aims to help small businesses thrive in the digital era by providing them with effective tools to engage with customers and drive business growth. Below is the list of lookalike companies of Demandforce:

Demandforce Logo Demandforce
United States
201-500 employees
Software Development
Curve Dental Logo Curve Dental
United States
51-200 employees
Software Development
similarity score
United States
201-500 employees
Medical Equipment Manufacturing
similarity score
Practice by Numbers Logo Practice by Numbers
United States
11-50 employees
Software Development
similarity score
PatientPop, a Tebra company Logo PatientPop, a Tebra company
United States
501-1000 employees
Technology, Information and Internet
similarity score
+500 more lookalike companies

People also ask:

What does demand force do?
Demandforce is the all-in-one practice growth solution made to attract new patients, and keep them coming back. With fully-integrated automation tools like appointment reminders, automated recall, two-way texting, targeted email campaigns, and more, all in one simple-to-use centralized dashboard.
Is Demandforce legit?
DemandForce - A Great Tool for Appointment Reminders Overall, DemandForce worked well for a medical practice seeking to provide an easy way to confirm appointments and send out appointment reminders for patients. DemandForce was a great tool to keep our patients informed about their appointments.
How much does demandforce cost per month?
Demandforce Pricing & Cost $399 per month. $299 one-time setup fee (often waived).
Who is the CEO of Demandforce?
Rick Berry serves as the CEO / President of Demandforce.
How do you find similar companies to Demandforce?
We look into multiple data points: CPP ads data, company description, company employee experience and skills. We also use AI to summarize and extract keywords from the home page of Demandforce and compare that with other companies.

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We look into multiple data points to determine company similarity score. These data points include:

CPA data

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Publicly available comparison data

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