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Red Bull is a multinational company that specializes in the production and marketing of energy drinks. Founded in 1984, Red Bull is known for its signature product, the Red Bull Energy Drink, containing caffeine, taurine, and various vitamins. The company has established a strong presence in the beverage market and has expanded its product line to include a range of flavors, such as sugar-free and tropical editions. Red Bull is also actively involved in sports and entertainment through sponsorships and events, supporting extreme sports, motorsports, and music festivals. The brand has become synonymous with high energy levels and promoting an active lifestyle. Below is the list of lookalike companies of Red Bull:

Red Bull Logo Red Bull
10,001+ employees
Food and Beverage Services
Red Bull Distribution Company Logo Red Bull Distribution Company
United States
1001-5000 employees
Food and Beverage Services
similarity score
Strava Logo Strava
United States
201-500 employees
Software Development
similarity score
Veloforte Logo Veloforte
United Kingdom
11-50 employees
Wellness and Fitness Services
similarity score
Visymo Universal Search Group Logo Visymo Universal Search Group
11-50 employees
Technology, Information and Internet
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+500 more lookalike companies

People also ask:

Does Coca Cola own Red Bull?
Does coke own red bull? No, coke does not own redbull and neither is is red bull owned by coke. Pepsi and Coca-Cola company are considered Red Bull's biggest competitors in the Beverage industry.
Is Red Bull a US company?
Red Bull is a private company based in Salzburg, Austria, primarily known for its energy drinks and ownership of sports teams.
Where is Red Bull US headquarters?
Santa Monica
How big is Red Bull company?
11.582 billion In terms of sales, revenues and operating profit, the figures were up once again and represent the best in the company's history so far.
How do you find similar companies to Red Bull?
We look into multiple data points: CPP ads data, company description, company employee experience and skills. We also use AI to summarize and extract keywords from the home page of Red Bull and compare that with other companies.

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