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WHOOP is a company that specializes in wearable fitness technology. Using advanced sensors and algorithms, their product provides users with personalized insights into their health and performance. WHOOP's flagship product is a wristband that tracks various biometric data, including heart rate variability, sleep quality, and exertion levels. This data is then analyzed to provide users with actionable feedback to optimize their training, recovery, and overall well-being. Additionally, WHOOP offers a subscription-based service that includes access to a mobile app and a community of like-minded individuals. Through continuous monitoring and analysis, WHOOP aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their fitness and achieve their performance goals. Below is the list of lookalike companies of WHOOP:

United States
501-1000 employees
Wellness and Fitness Services
Garmin Logo Garmin
United States
10,001+ employees
Computers and Electronics Manufacturing
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Firstbeat Technologies Logo Firstbeat Technologies
51-200 employees
Wellness and Fitness Services
similarity score
Fourth Frontier Logo Fourth Frontier
United States
11-50 employees
Wellness and Fitness Services
similarity score
Fitbit (now part of Google) Logo Fitbit (now part of Google)
United States
1001-5000 employees
Wellness and Fitness Services
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People also ask:

Who owns the company WHOOP?
In 2012, Will Ahmed, a Harvard University student athlete, founded WHOOP to help athletes gain greater visibility into their own fitness and rest. Along with two fellow students at Harvard, John Capodilupo and Aurelian Nicolae, Ahmed incubated a prototype at Harvard Innovation Labs.
Is WHOOP an American company?
Whoop is an American wearable technology company. They aim to unlock human performance with a top product - a fitness tracker that measures strain, recovery, and sleep.Jul 6, 2023
Is WHOOP a listed company?
Whoop is a private company and not publicly traded.Nov 2, 2022
Who is the CEO founder of WHOOP?
Will Ahmed
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